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Frequently Asked Questions:


*Eating my own placenta grosses me out. Help!

Don't worry, a lot of women find it very strange too, but you will never have to see your placenta in its full form if you don't want to. Once I finish my encapsulation process I will present you with the final pills and you will take them just as you would any other pill.



*I'm having an epidural, does this matter?

No! There are no known negative side effects of encapsulating your placenta after having an epidural.



*I am vegan, does consuming my placenta go against my beliefs?

Seeing as no animals are harmed in the process, your belief system allows you to consume your placenta. I also offer 100% vegan friendly capsules.



*I don't want my children seeing the process. Do you have to do it in my home?

No! Being a graduate of APPA I have the education and freedom to encapsulate your placenta in my own sanitary space. I will be happy to deliver the finished products to you once they are ready.



*Can I still consume my placenta if I go to 42 weeks in pregnancy?

Yes. Your placenta will still be perfectly healthy at 42 weeks gestation.



*Do I have to eat it raw?

No! There are many ways of preparing your placenta. Encapsulation is one such method whereby your placenta is dehydrated and put into capsules for ingestion.



*Is there a smell or a taste?

Your encapsulated pills smell and taste no different than a store bought pre-natal vitamin.



*How soon will I notice them working?

Many moms report a notice in mood/energy levels by the end of the first day of full dosage. By day 2 many moms have reported a vast increase in breast milk production.


*How do I know I'm getting back MY placenta?

To guarantee a mix up in placentas absolutely does not happen, I never process more than one placenta at a time. I dedicate myself fully to your placenta.



*How many capsules will my placenta make?

Depending on the method you choose, RAW vs TM, the amount of capsules may vary from 80-140. Please keep in mind, while every placenta is beautifully unique to the mother, there is no way to know the exact final number of capsuless until I finish the encapsulation process.





What our moms are saying:

"Cliodhna well exceeded our expectations for what we thought placenta encapsulattion was all about. Her website informs potential clients on what to expect from her if they choose to book her. After the processing of my placenta, she personally came into our home and further educated both me and my fiancé of how to use and store my capsules, her recommendations on handling PP care and shared with us how she enjoyed processing our one of a kind placenta! We are absolutely thrilled to have used Cliodhna for this journey and are excited to use her in the future." -KG Cypress, TX

"Cliodhna encapsulated my placenta and also used it to make a salve (a balm for the skin) and a tincture (alcohol drops taken orally). I am not an all-natural birth mama (I had a hospital birth with an epidural), but I’d heard taking your placenta in capsules could help with healing, milk supply and mood so that sounded good to me! This was my second baby and those were all problems I had after my first delivery. I believe the placenta capsules made the difference this time around. I healed quickly, I’ve had better milk supply, and I’ve felt much better than I did last time. Also, I use the salve and the tincture, and they also seem to work for me.

The pickup and delivery service worked well. Cliodhna provided detailed instructions, a medical courier picked up my cooler, and Cliodhna delivered the products a couple of days later. It was seamless! I really appreciate her support during this time in my life.

Hopefully there will be another baby in the future and I will DEFINITELY call Cliodhna. I’m recommending her to my pregnant friends too!" -SD Katy, TX

"Cliodhna is not only the most professional, organized and well learned encapsulator, but she is a dream to be with. She was fantastic at providing me with wonderful information and the most wonderful products. I got her full package and am so thankful for my pills, tincture, cord keepsake, print and salve. I love knowing that her knowledge, education and certification comes from APPA and that she continually working to provide the best

service." -MT Friendswood, TX


"Such a wonderful experience. They went above and beyond, we kind, fast, helpful and definitely helped my postpartum experience. Cannot recommend highly enough." - CR Houston, TX

"After my last two pregnancies and having really bad baby blues I knew I wanted to try to prevent it with my 3rd, I found Cliodhna online and read her reviews for placenta encapsulation and I did it! I'm now 3 weeks postpartum and I haven't got emotional once! She has been very personal and helpful before and delivering to me! Thank you again!! - JV Baytown, TX


"Everything about this process was amazing. Very prompt responses to any and every question I had. She had explained everything in detail. The pick up time was no more than two hours after birth. She had given a delivery time and was not late. I swear by the pills for my milk production and overall PP. I had way more energy and less blues with taking the pills. When I feel slow or really emotional I take a pill for two days and feel better. The only regret I have is not doing the tinure." - MDW Houston, TX

"The service, product and personal attention for placenta encapsulation was amazing! I did not do this with my first born but recently did with my second baby boy. The difference in my postpartum experience has been very significant. Regardless of the obvious knowledge and previous experience when you have a second, my mind and energy levels were so so much better, especially considering the stress of 2 under 2 at home. I highly recommend Cliodhna!" - AYC Houston, TX

"Loved every part of my experience and look forward to sharing it and recommending it to friends and family!" - AN Katy, TX

"I'm so happy I had my placenta converted to capsules... I have had such a positive and energize experience with my product! Born free birthing made it so easy and convenient. I have already recommend born free birthing to two of my best friends who are pregnant!" - CF Houston, TX

"Cliodhna was wonderful! I loved my placenta encapsulation services. The turn-around time was very quick and she was so sweet and even delivered my capsules and a little goodie bag straight to our home. If you are on the fence about encapsulation, I highly recommend it, and even more recommend Cliodhna!" - JS Porter TX


"I am so excited about my placenta encapsulation! Day 1 & I can already tell a difference! Thank you so much for helping make this post partum transition so much easier on me! I appreciate the fast delivery and turn around! You rock!" - BT Atascocita TX


"Oh my gosh! The results have been outstanding. No postpartum blues, no saddness, no feeling of being overwhelmed, no tears. My healing was extremely fast, major bleeding stopped on day 8 with the odd bit of spotting maybe once or twice since. Bruising and tenderness was gone after about a week too. My breastmilk came in fast and furious on day 4. So overall opinion-holy smokes, this stuff works! Its amazing. I cant believe the difference in me from first baby to second. It's completely opposite. Placenta encapsulation is just amazing. I'm screaming it from the rooftops."


"Cliodhna is brilliant! Not only did she make the process so quick and easy for a first timer like myself, she has also become a great new friend! She is so positive and so full information that it totally puts you at ease knowing your placenta is in wonderfully trained hands" - AP Kingwood TX


"You made everything so easy! Thank you for explaining all of the options and making the process fool proof!!" JH - Atascocita TX


"I couldn't believe how fast the turn around was, I never though I'd get my pills while still in my hospital bed, you are amazing at what you do. You are so professional and we could tell you really love what you do. I need to find the lady in my moms group that recommended you, because I owe her. Thank you for all you do." MS - Kingwood, TX


"Thank you so much for working with me, for taking the time to answer all my questions and for all your support!!" GZ - Katy, TX


"Great service and would definitely recommend and use again" LP - Willis, TX


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